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Class Information

Each infant must have several changes of clothing in their cubbies. Please check for soiled clothing at the end of each day, located in the soiled clothing bin outside of the room, or on your child’s hook. Depending on the age of your child, weather appropriate clothing is necessary.

Remember: All items brought to school MUST BE LABELED.

Lunch/Snack Time:
St. Clare Preschool will supply morning and afternoon snacks. Please provide your child with fresh milk each day, although we will replenish their supply during the day. Milk is provided for refills and at snack time, as well as lunch. CCD requires that we monitor lunches to make sure they meet the USDA guidelines for a nutritious meal. This includes meeting all of the four major food groups, dairy, fruits and vegetables, grain, and protein. Please keep this in mind when preparing your child’s lunches.

When your child comes to school, there is a refrigerator in the room for you to put their bottles/lunches in. Please place their lunch on the appropriate shelf in the refrigerator. Each child will have their name on the shelf.

Please make sure bottles are labeled and prepared each day. Bottles must be capped and should have only the amount needed for one feeding per bottle. Bottles cannot be reheated or refrigerated again once they have been used. Breast milk should be frozen in small increments. It can be used as long as it is frozen. It will be heated as needed.

If your child has any food allergies, please notify us what St. Clare snack items your child can’t have.

A medical authorization needs to be filled out for each child before any medicine or topical aid can be administered. This form includes date, time, name of medication and dosage  amount. Once the initial form is filled out, the teachers will provide a copy of the original to sign and date each month. Each authorization is only good for 30 days.

In addition, each medication needs to have a doctor’s note attached. The doctor’s note needs to have the following information on it:
• How much medication to give,
• How often to give the medication, and
• How long the doctor’s note is valid.

A doctor’s note is not needed for diaper cream; however the diaper cream must be labeled.

Please bring in one unopened package of baby wipes per month to contribute to classroom use throughout the day. Also, remember that it is necessary for families to provide diapers for their child.

Nap Time:
If you child sleeps with a binky, please bring at least three labeled binkies for your child. Please place them in your child’s labeled spot on the appropriate shelf in the cupboard. If your child sleeps with a sleep-sack or a swaddle, you can choose to bring one for you child (make sure it’s labeled!) We also have sleep-sacks and swaddles that we launder weekly if you choose not to bring one from home.

Each family is required to bring photos of all people authorized to pick up your child. We cannot release your child without a photograph.

St. Clare Preschool and Daycare feels it is important for the children to feel a connection between family and school. Please make a collage containing pictures of your family. This collage may include parents, grandparents, other special people, and pets; whomever you consider part of your family. These
photos will not be returned.

Thank you for your support. Please remember LABEL EVERYTHING!