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Supply List

Each child must have a change of clothes in their cubbie. You need to check for soiled clothes and make sure that they have fresh clothes in their cubbie each day. Weather appropriate clothing is necessary. They need to wear durable, washable clothing that can withstand play and art projects. Some activities can be messy.

Strapless shoes or thongs are not acceptable and create a safety hazard for the children. Children need to wear shoes they can remove and put back on with little or no assistance, especially with the older children.

During our wet Oregon weather, boots and rain gear need to be here because the children will go outside if weather permits. Slight sprinkles do not keep us indoors.

Remember: All items brought to school MUST BE LABELED.

Lunch/Snack Time:
St. Clare Preschool & Daycare will supply morning and afternoon snacks. Milk and juice are provided for snack time as well as lunch. It is always available for Toddlers throughout the day.

CCD requires that we monitor lunches to make sure they meet the USDA guidelines for a nutritious meal. This includes meeting all of the four major food groups, which are dairy, fruits & vegetables, grain, and protein. Please keep this in mind when preparing their lunches.

When your child comes to school, you will find a tray in his/her classroom on their lunch shelf labeled refrigerated food. Please place any items requiring refrigeration on this tray. Make sure all containers are labeled with the child’s name.

IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER 9:00 AM, please TAKE THE ITEMS TO THE REFRIGERATOR YOURSELF and place them on the appropriate classroom tray.

A medical authorization needs to be filled out for each child before any medicine can be administered. This form includes date, time, name of medication and dosage amount. Please store your medication in the appropriate place. There will be a lock box in the locked cupboard with a red cross on it and another lock box inside the refrigerator for medication.

Misc. Items:
Please apply sunscreen to your child before they come in. However, sunscreen will be applied if needed. You need to fill out a sunscreen authorization form for your child.

It is important to bring a water bottle for your child. These need to be taken home every night to be washed and filled.

As we run short on baby wipes ( used for messy art project clean up), you will be asked to provide a box periodically.

Nap/Quiet Time:
Each child needs to bring the following: Small pillow, small blanket, one cuddly toy (if needed) and crib sheet. For storage purposes, these items should fit in their nap tub easily.

Also, please take the items home each Friday to be laundered and returned Monday morning. Again, remember to label everything.

Each family is required to bring photos of all people authorized to pick up your child. We cannot release your child without a photograph.

St. Clare Preschool and Daycare feels it is important to the children to feel a connection between family and school. To support this please bring in a family photo This photo will not be returned but will become a permanent addition to our classroom.

Thank you for your support. Remember, LABEL EVERYTHING!