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Toddler Program Goals

  1. To provide a loving, caring atmosphere where physical affection is freely given. To instill in each child a feeling of autonomy and a positive self-concept.
  2. To provide a joyful, enthusiastic and spontaneous approach with the children.
  3. To meet each child's physical needs.
  4. To establish the foundations for respect of equipment.
  5. To establish the foundations for respect of others — Social Development.
  6. To provide for the language development that is so important at this stage of development.
  7. To make available a good variety and quantity of materials on the shelves at the child's level (manipulatives, dramatic play, pull toys, Fisher-Price, etc.).
  8. To provide ample opportunity for use of gross motor skills.
  9. To provide a variety of activities that begin to introduce the curriculums of art, science, cooking, social studies, dramatic play, manipulative activities, language, large motor, music and movement.
  10. To be supportive of parents by encouraging involvement and open and honest communication, while maintaining tact and discretion.
  11. To develop staff potential through proper supervision by making expectations clear, following through to see that expectations are met, and utilizing staff input and their abilities.
  12. To develop self-help skills in order to create a feeling of independence and confidence in the child. This can be accomplished by toilet training, encouraging them to try to help dress themselves and letting them help with snack preparation.
  13. To provide care in smaller sub-groups, in order to give each child more personal attention, to prevent under and over stimulation, to allow more freedom of choices and to maintain a more relaxed atmosphere.